Sunday, October 14, 2012

Feast of Flowers

Every year I look forward to spring with great anticipation. There is just so much going on. Almost every day for six to eight weeks I am almost guaranteed to find something new blooming.

Reading  Bernies BlogHere in my north-eastern corner there are not many discernible seasonal changes, and certainly not much of a noticeable change between our Winter and early Spring.” I am reminded once again how fortunate I am to live where I do.

The Western Cape is home to thousands of plants and a great many of them will flower in spring.

In winter I cleared a neglected patch of the garden and filled it with Felicia amelloides, Plectranthus ecklonii, Pelargonium cucullatum, Pelargonium tormentosum, Pelargonium ? (still trying to positively ID), all the Pelargoniums were from cuttings only the Felicias were bought. I dug up some of the Sutera from other parts of the garden to cover the bare patches and in between I planted purple and white Freesias.

I have been justly rewarded, even though the dogs trampled a few Freesias, there were still enough to enjoy in the garden and enough to pick a few for the vase.


Plectranthus neochillus and Pelargonium cucullatum

Felicia and Sutera

Our pavement also got a much needed make over a while ago. Behind the gravel path I have profusion of flowers. Watsonias, pink Freesias, Geranium, Dimorthopeca and more.

Geranium incanum, Watsonia bobonica, Salvia africana-lutea

Freesias, Dimorthopeca, Geranium incanum, 

My final reward for Spring – Guinea fowl chicks. We have always had Guinea fowl in the neighbourhood and this year they laid their eggs across the road in my neighbours garden, but when the chicks hatched they brought them across the road to me. It is great fun watching them run about and they are doing a sterling job of keeping my snail population down. The dogs of course are confined to the back and are not impressed.